Tips to Consider on Choosing the Right Bathroom Wall Tiles

Tips to consider on choosing right bathroom wall tiles for your home

Right Bathroom Wall Tiles can set the tone for the entire look of your bathroom. But, the excitement of finally choosing the wall tiles of your bathroom might suddenly turn to indecision in light of overwhelming choice available. Should you go for small or big? Textured or natural? Moreover, deciding on a material, color, shape and many other factors can turn that excitement into stress. Well, worry not! In this post, we will help you narrow down your selection to make your bathroom one of the major attractions of your home.

Pick Tiles that Complement the size of your Bathroom

Generally, if your bathroom size is big, you need to hold off using any small format wall tiles. However, there are no hard and fast rules. To put it simply, think of surfaces that need tiling as individual planes blending with each other. How, where they start, stop or meet will help you choose a size that best compliments your space and flows with the lines created by design.

Consider a Color Scheme Before Choosing  the Right Bathroom Wall Tiles

If your favorite is unique color or pattern, then try to pull more subtle colors to make your bathroom a focal point. Add light colors like soft pastels and neutrals if you want to promote a greater feeling of the space. While darker colors make the space look compact. It really comes down to size, overall theme and layout of the bathroom. Eleganto Tiles from Cera is the best fit to add a wow feature to your bathroom.

Stick to the practicality of finishes

Undeniably, a smooth tile is always easier to clean. Whereas in case of heavily embossed tiles, natural tiles and the like, you need to be a bit more careful about the cleaning schedule. So, before choosing tiles, you should be clear about how willing you are to be vigilant to make your tiles look their best over the lifetime of your bathroom.

Think about grout lines

However, larger tiles produce fewer grout lines, but a minimum grout joint width of 3/16” is required when dealing with them. While small tiles may look great, be cautious of a large number of grout lines which makes the space look too busy or unappealing.

Most importantly always contrast your bathroom wall tiles with main floor tiles.

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