How Different Tile Sizes can Transform your Homes?

How different tile sizes can transform your homes

Different tile sizes can really matter? Starting from the restroom to the patio, going by the entrance, the kitchen and bedrooms, the tiles can decorate with style all the floors in your house. It is anyway important to find the most suitable size of the tiles to enhance your home environment. The choice is delicate and it is essential to balance functionality and aesthetics, and to take into account the technical advantages of the different materials. To get this kind of help you can contact the best tiles dealer in Panchkula.

Here are a Few Ideas that How Different Tile Sizes can Transform your Homes:


1. The large size tiles
2. The size of the tiles: small or large format?
3. Modular laying pattern: mix tile sizes
4. Use Grout Lines with same color as Tiles
5. Color and size mixing
6. Lay Tile Diagonally

A great variety of tile sizes are available at the best tiles dealer in Chandigarh. These may include from a varied range of square format from 20×20 cm to 120×120 cm and more, to a rectangular format from 10×60 cm to 120×180 cm. We cannot forget the hexagons that allow original laying patterns, although in recent years design trends lean towards large size tiles from 60×60 cm, particularly appreciated because they convey the room a certain lightness and a very contemporary style.

Large Size Tiles, sure why not?

With their minimalist style and design, large size tiles are strongly impressive at first glance. Their joints are sparser compared to those of small tiles and they widen the space giving the impression of larger volumes. Moreover using joints reduced to 2-3 mm further increases this feeling. Moreover you can find these floor tiles for home in panchkula very easily.

Large size tiles colours are often sober (gray, anthracite, beige, black) however they offer some nice material effects thanks to their large surface that allows the structure and pattern to unfold at best: the cement effect in the format 75×75 cm of the collection for example, wood or stone effect can be adapted to any lifestyle, both inside and outside.

The Size of the Tiles: Small or Large Format?

Although it is a common belief that small tiles are more suitable for small rooms while large tiles would fit bigger rooms best, actually it is just a matter of taste and technical requirements.Do you love modern and minimal settings? Large size tiles from 60×60 cm are perfect for you, whether your rooms are small or large. Pay attention to the cuts on sides because they can be more troublesome on larger formats.If instead you are for a more classical style, you have no limits of choice, since both small and large sizes will fit seamlessly into your decor. You will find plenty of branded tiles with good material and texture. Wheather to choose small or large tiles choose it after the full research

Why not Mix Sizes?

Why do not break the rules and do a modular laying pattern? The result, if the composition is well done, will be even more modern. The rectangular format 30×60 cm rectified is a perfect example. It can be combined with 60×60 cm and 10×60 cm sizes.

Mixing tiles sizes is a good idea to ensure the continuity of aesthetic spaces. For example, in bathrooms the shower can be covered with a mosaic floor and wall tiles can be laid in a large rectangular format.

Use Grout Lines with same Color as Tiles

Have you seen a room filled with tiles that have grout lines? Don’t they look bigger? That’s the charm of grout lines. They naturally make the room look bigger. Grout lines give your floors an expansive effect. If you’re aiming to give your room a cozier look, then opt for medium-sized or big tiles. The colour of your grout lines should be similar to your tiles. This will also help in making the room look cozy and private.

Color and Size Mixing

Playing with colours is an essential part of decorating your home. You need to understand the effects colours have on your home. It is said that shiny and smooth surfaces reflect light. Hence, if you want to make your room look bigger, install large glossy tiles in muted-tones. This will reflect light and make the room feel lighter, airier and bigger.

Lay Tile Diagonally

Why always lay the tiles straight? Laying tiles diagonally adds visual interest to the room. Moreover, this also makes the room look less busy and adds character to it. Thus, it’s better to not place your tiles in a grid.

Aren’t these ideas amazing? Make your homes look beautiful with these tricks


Have you already chosen the size of your tiles? Now nothing else remains but to lay them! The choice is up to you: diagonal or straight laying, with aligned joints or a staggered layout.

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