8 Creative Ideas for Bathroom Renovation

bathroom renovation

If you are thinking of your bathroom renovation then do not miss reading this article. In this we tell you the 8 trending ideas to renovate your bathroom with style. What colors, finishes and bathroom accessories are in the trend to give a bathroom a look that will not only cause a sensation but also help you to get relax after a long day. 

The bathrooms that are updated with new ideas and trends come from all fronts. From the use of elements of the industrial style to the classic finishes, we are going to take a walk by the 8 ideas, which are very much in trend.

Here are the 8 unique and creative ideas that you can use for bathroom renovation:

Accentuate The Design Of a Space

You can create a space where the design is emphasized by means of unique and elegant bathroom floor tiles. Impact Cera Gallery has at your disposal a wide variety of tiles that can help you transform a wall into a strategic focal point of the bathroom. Accentuating the design of the wall will become an extra protection against splashes in complete harmony with the general appearance of the room. The rest of the walls can be painted with a solid color or covered with a simple tile, which complements the embellished part.

Bathroom Renovation With Choice Of Pavements

One of the most critical details, when you go for a bathroom renovation, is the choice of flooring. The floors of the bathroom should not only be pleasing to the eye in terms of the aesthetics of the room but should have a purpose and functionality. Currently, in the market, the best tile wholesaler in Panchkula offers a wide variety of forms, models, classes, etc. that reflects the same. You can choose the style you want to give your bathroom and select what suits you the best.

Grayish Tones

Like white, the grayish tones can bring freshness to any space in the bathroom. Use gray as the base color in the set of design ideas for your bathroom renovation. Change pavements using the stone to achieve a smooth style that can be complemented with other elements in a variety of colors. For a modern feel, combine branded tiles in light tones on the walls of the shower or bath, and take your creative side to the next level by mixing sizes and textures.

Maximizing Space

Your bathroom should be a place of relaxation so, try to transform it with small changes that maximize space. Starting with the shower, changing the curtains with transparent screens will allow you to visualize the walls continuously and hence increase the sense of spaciousness.

Spot The Ground

What if your bathroom tiles get all the attention? You can arrange your floor as a decoration by mixing floor tiles and parquet. As the mixing of tiles with different textures and patterns gives a unique look to your bathroom and make it a star of the home.

Add Copper Or Vintage Faucets

The trend of the moment! The association of marble tiles with the vintage fixtures makes a unique option for a bathroom renovation. If you replace your faucets with a brass or copper version, your bathroom will get a grand look. Also, it is preferable to buy faucets from the dealers who deal in best sanitaryware in Panchkula.

Give Your Shower & Tub Their Own Space

Adding on that master bath you’ve always wanted is a great way to remodel your bathroom. You can also consider substituting a separate tub and shower for achieving a more typical combination model. So, choose from the variety of options and sizes with different fixtures to add more design to your bathroom.

Adopt The Workshop Canopy

Without taking up much space, the studio canopy immediately gives style to the area. In a bathroom, it can partition the space between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom.

A bathroom renovation takes time to perform quality work, especially when you look for the work with the highest details. So, it is essential to hire a best tiles dealer in Panchkula who can do the quality work in less time.

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