Cera Bath Fittings to add a bit of happiness to your bathroom

cera bath fittings

Bathrooms are no longer just about cleaning and sanitizing. It has now become a space which offers more than relaxing and washing away the stress of the day. Yes, they are basically a utilitarian and functional space, but they can also be a place wherein you can revel in luxury and treat yourself. Every year a good range of new bathroom solutions are released. So, you can also revolutionize your bathroom experience with the help of such quality bathroom solutions, specifically Cera bath fittings if you want to go with a quality purchase from a trusted brand like Cera.

Here is a list of few of the Cera bath fittings:

1. Sanitaryware

Sanitaryware has changed a lot in terms of design, style and utility. As sanitaryware is the most important element that makes a bathroom, it’s also usually the most used and noticed. This is why you shouldn’t have boring and outdated bathrooms anymore. Choose between a high-tech electronic flushing system, overhead showers, shower enclosures and so many more. Whatever suits your needs, is yours to become.

2.High Tech Showers

You might have also realized that showers are rapidly replacing bathtubs. The actual reason is that these days showerheads and water jets are revolutionizing the bathing experience. Whether you choose an enclosed steam shower or hand shower. Or better still – both are the best Cera bath fittings to go with. You can also pick from rain showers, overhead shower and so many more.

3. Electronic Flushing Systems

A hands on flushing system that is clean and efficient can make the experience of using a bathroom excessively convenient. You can redefine the look of your bathroom with concealed cistern, a sleek one if you will, or flushing plates which come in all shapes and sizes. You can have a control plate that’s oval, square or any other shape. The choice is all yours.

4. Whirlpools

The ecstasy and luxury of coming back home to a whirlpool are incomparable. The relax and ease you receive with warm water and jet pulse can give even the most exhausting day a happy ending. The vivid design in whirlpools can truly reinvent the look of your bathroom. If you want to go for a more traditional look, choose an oval shaped pool with rolled decks.

5. Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures have now become a common thing in every bathroom. They are the perfect option if you need exactly the amount of privacy you want and separate the showering area from the whole room to avoid causing the mess. The shower enclosures can be kept as framed, semi framed and frameless. It depends on the design you want for the room.

6.Steam Showers

In contrary to popular belief, steam showers do not require a lot of space. They offer a great option of bringing a spa right into your home. Taking steam has a lot of health benefits as well. They do not only unclog pores but benefits your skin as well. Lighting is the perfect companion for such kind of steam showers. Once you add that, you’ll see know we call steam showers a paradise. No surprise they are all the rage this season.


The convenience, functionality and utility matter the most in bathrooms. This is the one place where you should never think of making any compromises. So, if you’re looking to remodel the house, ensure to include these bathroom fittings in mind as they are not just for bathing your body, they spruce up your bathroom decor in the most wonderful way.

Now personalize your bathroom according to your lifestyle with complete bathroom solutions and Cera bath fittings store in Panchkula.

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