cera bath fittings

Cera Bath Fittings to add a bit of happiness to your bathroom

Bathrooms are no longer just about cleaning and sanitizing. It has now become a space which offers more than relaxing and washing away the stress of the day. Yes, they...
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best bath accessories in panchkula

Best bathroom accessories in Panchkula to transform any bathroom

Whether you want to add a style statement or practicality, bath accessories are a vital choice for today’s modern bathroom. As these accessories act as the additional extras in a...
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cera tiles

Spruce up the decor of your bathroom with CERA Bathroom Tiles

Together with the wall coverings, it is not a simple task to choose the right flooring. As beyond looking beautiful and aesthetic, there are many conditions (and materials) that are...
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floor tiles

Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles which one to choose for Floor Tiles?

Many people wonder what is the difference between a ceramic and porcelain floor tiles and how to choose them. Let's try to clear everything. Porcelain and ceramics are cousins; both are made from clay and hardened...
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bathroom renovation

8 Creative Ideas for Bathroom Renovation

If you are thinking of your bathroom renovation then do not miss reading this article. In this we tell you the 8 trending ideas to renovate your bathroom with style. What...
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bathroom floor tiles

Bathroom Floor Tiles ideas for your Home

Your bathroom needs a renovation, and you are still wondering which bathroom floor tiles are perfect to use? Do not despair; today we will help you understand and finally decide...
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Tips about Outdoor Tiles

3 Must- know Tips about Outdoor Tiles!

Apart from its appearance, the choice of outdoor tiles is based on safety criteria. It is essential to choose tiles that meet the standards of resistance to slipperiness, a criterion...
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best tiles dealer in panchkula

Building Dream Spaces with Best Tiles Dealer in Panchkula

It is of no surprise that people nowadays are understanding the significance of style and importance of home decor. But, the question is how you can do it? The best...
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Choose Perfect Bathroom Tiles and Kitchen Tiles

How Do You Choose the Perfect Bathroom Tiles and Kitchen Tiles?

There are a lot of new designer tiles that have flown up in the market. People are today enhancing their homes with glass tiles, broken tiles, etc. But selecting the...
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Install Ceramic Tiles iny our Home

Why You Should Install Ceramic Tiles in Your Homes?

Ceramic tiles are a predominant choice for offices and homes. One of the significance of Ceramic tiles is that they can be utilised as a part of any room of your...
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