Best bathroom accessories in Panchkula to transform any bathroom

best bath accessories in panchkula

Whether you want to add a style statement or practicality, bath accessories are a vital choice for today’s modern bathroom. As these accessories act as the additional extras in a space, they give attention to detail in the overall design. There is an availability of such a wide range of bath accessories in Panchkula that you can install to customize your bath as per your stylistic choices and needs. From bathroom accessories like towel rings to handy toilet accessories like paper holder and even liquid soap dispenser it is all covered.

The idea behind writing this post is to help you make an informed choice when it comes to choosing the perfect bath accessories in panchkula. With your chosen bathroom fittings, you’ll succeed in achieving a finished look that gives the winning edge to your space.

Paper Roll Holder

A paper roll in a toilet is the most necessary item. Impact Cera Gallery, being the best tiles dealer in Panchkula offers a vivid array of accessories to compliment this. It features toilet roll holders to complete your vital piece of kit, which allow you to store the toilet roll at a space that is close to hand for the toilet user. Pick from traditional and modern styles to best match your bathroom design with this perfect bathroom accessory.

If your preference is for rounded, square, or rectangular, you will surely find a toilet roll holder that’s exactly the same you need. Paper roll holders are available in moveable and fixed styles in both vertical and horizontal orientation. Also, they are available with flap guards at Impact Cera Gallery. These paper roll holders are highly durable, scratch resistant and also being hygiene treated with an anti-bacterial formula, it’s safe and smart.

Towel Ring

A towel ring or rack is something that is found in every bathroom. So why not ditch the old one and choose a clean and chic style. This style is very simple that would go with any bathroom and be the perfect place to hang or hold your hand towels. Towel rings are not only important but also offer a very quaint touch to the bathroom. The Montana towel ring is a striking hoop to loop your towel through but there is also a range of solid and simple towel rings or rails.

Liquid Soap Dispenser

A liquid soap dispenser is an efficient way to keep your hands clean. It’s a durable option with a free standing fixture type and solid design. This is round in shape to give a truly minimalist feeling. These stylish dispensers make an ideal accompaniment to your wash basin. There are a variety of styles available to ensure that our soap dispensers match your bathroom design.

These accessories may only be additional extras for some. But, they are worth considering to have a big impact on how your bathroom works for you. Essential, durable and practical with plenty of styles, these luxury accessories will ensure your bathroom efficiently works for every purpose. View our extensive range of luxury bath accessories in Panchkula to add that perfect touch to your bathroom.

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