Bathroom Floor Tiles ideas for your Home

bathroom floor tiles

Your bathroom needs a renovation, and you are still wondering which bathroom floor tiles are perfect to use? Do not despair; today we will help you understand and finally decide on this difficult choice.

Many people believe that choosing the best material for the bathroom decor is an easy job. But, that’s not the reality. It takes a lot of efforts and time to consider every minimal detail while choosing material for your bathroom space, especially when it comes to bathroom floor tiles. That’s why to make this process easier, we have compiled a list of best bathroom floor tiles that will not only add elegance to your bath decor but will also make it look lively.

Ceramic Tiles

Bathroom floor tiles like ceramic tiles are being used since ages. And even today, its positive qualities like hygiene, durability, resistance to high humidity, temperature changes and ease of care, have not gone anywhere.

Seeing such amazing features of ceramic tiles, the Impact Cera Gallery has come up with new and attractive ceramic tile range that is undoubtedly something to choose from. Their ceramic floor tiles in Panchkula are designed with practicality and beauty with a buying power that you need and local service you appreciate.

Our opinion:

The original solution for the bathroom can be a mosaic of small ceramic tiles. The versatility and non-triviality of this kind of decoration are truly admirable. Mosaic is an ideal option for those who are conservative and do not want to get away from the usual materials, but crave something unusual in the interior of your bathroom.

Porcelain Tiles

Alike ceramic tiles, Porcelain tiles are also made of an artificial material, but it has improved properties than that of Ceramic. Some of the properties of this type of bathroom floor tiles are as follows:

  • A minimum water absorption
  • Less than 0.5% by weight, which makes it frost-resistant
  • A deeper color and a vibrant pattern
  • Bending strength
  • Shock resistance and has the ability to create an anti-slip texture of the material

Apart from the properties, if you correctly choose the porcelain tiles with the help of Impact Cera Gallery professionals, then you can get more daring design solutions. Also, this will not let its aesthetic beauty fade for many years.
Cement Tiles

Whether it’s a retro look, graphic patterns, two-tone volutes or vintage rosettes, the cemented bathroom floor tiles charm us all the time. Its colors, its patterns, its gradations and its infinite variations make it a coating of choice to give style and cachet to the bathroom.

Applied by small touches, on a targeted area, cement tile patterns offer the most beautiful effect to a bathroom.

Want to know little more? Cement tiles are easy to maintain and requires no special treatment to resist humidity. That’s why the bathroom is the space in the house where cement tile floor tiles are all good!

With the above-mentioned facts, you can now easily decide what kind of bathroom tile can be a good option for your bathroom. So, are you ready to upgrade?

Go online or visit the Impact Cera Gallery showroom to explore a large selection of bathroom floor tiles for home in Panchkula. We’re proud to carry products manufactured by trusted brand names, including Cera, Varmora and Orient Bell.

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