5 Tips for choosing ideal tiles for your home

things to consider while choosing ideal tiles for your home

When it comes to choosing the ideal tiles for your home, knowing where to start from the scratch can be overwhelming. While with the plenty of choices available in the market, the selection of tiles become even more difficult. So, we’ve compiled a list of few tips to help you choose the ideal tiles for your space.

1. Plan Ahead to Choose your Ideal Tiles:

The first important thing before you do anything is you should take time to plan. Have a look at the style of your home and then go through magazines, web, etc. to find tiles you like. Instead of going against the style of the room, work with it.

2. Size and Layout:

While small tiles are better for areas like kitchen and bathrooms, larger tiles are suitable for hallways, living room or open spaces. To capture a more proportional and relative look, you need to fit at least 3 pieces of the same size in a row across the floor. If you’ve a low ceiling height, laying tiles vertically could make it look higher. With the use of same tile on the wall and floor will make the room appear more spacious and cohesive.

3. Colors and Textures:

What kind of feel do you want to have in the room- relaxing, serene or atmospheric? Lighter colors make the room look spacious, while dark colors add warmth and are easier to maintain. As the textured or matte finish tiles are less slippery, such kind of tiles are best to use for moisture prone areas such as bathroom and kitchen. Whereas, shiny and smooth tiles are suitable for bathroom walls and others.

4. Choose a Style:

Stone tiles or tumbled marble tiles can elevate the look of any room of your home. For an elegant look, ETERNA (Pasqul) is a great option, and for a subtle look, ELEGANTO (Kelle) is a perfect choice. Make sure that whatever you choose in one room flows with the rest of your home’s style.

5. Mix and Match:

To lend a more spacious and consistent feel to your home, lay a single tile over an entire surface. Or else, experiment with 2-3 tiles to add a personal touch to your space. For walls, the best idea is to use up to three tiles in order to create a unique and interesting decor. While for floor tiles, you can mix and match with borders and combination of two complimentary tiles.

So, choosing the right tile is not a rocket science at all. And with the above pointers in mind, most of the mistakes might be eliminated. In case of any assistance or queries, you may contact us at +91-9914024517, or mail at sales@impacttilegallery.com

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