3 Must- know Tips about Outdoor Tiles!

Tips about Outdoor Tiles

Apart from its appearance, the choice of outdoor tiles is based on safety criteria. It is essential to choose tiles that meet the standards of resistance to slipperiness, a criterion recommended in an outdoor environment (tiled terrace, pool area). Another important aspect is that the coating must be designed to withstand frost and weather.

Both indoors and outdoors, the tiles are widely acclaimed. Its success lies in being very resistant to compression, shocks and scratches. Hence, in this article, you will find all the information to choose your outdoor tiles.

Choose an anti-slip tile: safety first!

Our first advice is certainly the most important criterion to check. The tiling of your outdoors must ensure security for all the inhabitants of the house during their repetitive passages. You must be able to walk easily, and the children must be able to run on it without the risk of slipping on the first drop of rain.

It is essential to choose and buy suitable non-slip outdoor tiles from the best tile wholesalers in Panchkula. Also, do not forget to refer to the different standards when you choose.

The slip standard R indicates the adhesion of the tiles for the shod feet :

  • R 9: normal adhesion
  • R 10: average adhesion
  • R 11: high adhesion
  • R 12: strong adhesion
  • R 13: firm adhesion

Your tiling must support the frequency of passage

The rate of passage of the inhabitants of the house on the terrace is to be taken into account. It is likely that when choosing your tile, the PEI standard is indicated.

It is divided into five groups according to the place of use of your tiling:

  • PEI 1: bathroom and rooms for barefoot passage or with flexible soles
  • PEI 2: living rooms except for kitchen and entry for a passage with shoes with soft soles or normal
  • PEI 3: frequent passage to pieces like the kitchen, the corridors, the balconies, the loggias and terraces dwellings
  • PEI 4: many open rooms such as hotels, kitchen kitchens, exhibition halls and galleries etc.
  • PEI 5: soil subject to an intense passage over a long period such as airports, shopping centres, etc.

Note: For outdoors, opt for a standard PEI 3 tile.

Choose your tiles according to your climate

Some regions are more or less exposed to very cold winter seasons or scorching summers. This is why it is recommended to choose your outdoor tiles according to the climate of your region. In fact, frost or heat shock due to sudden temperature differences can cause considerable damage to your terrace’s tiling: cracks, scratches, etc.

Also, check that the outdoor tiles of your choice have been treated with anti-UV protection if your terrace is exposed to sunlight most of the day.

You can buy the aesthetic outdoor tiles and accessories from the Best tiles dealer in Panchkula. There you will find an assortment of outdoor tiles for all budgets, and you can freely choose according to your aspirations and the means you have.

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